Corsica is an island ideal to explore by yacht. It offers beaches and coves dream, many shelters where you can anchor in safety and a rugged coastline and pristine.

To get there from Liguria we make a night crossing. We start in the evening to reach the coast in the morning.

is a journey more challenging than others but always within the reach of everybody (including families with children). It is an unforgettable holiday: who loves the boat and nights under the stars can not miss a trip to Corsica sailing.


Holiday sailing in Corsica - One week


Holiday sailing in Corsica


In the evening in Finale Ligure (SV)
(for example, on Sunday night)


At 12:00 in Finale Ligure (SV)
(for example, on Sunday)


In a week sailing in Corsica we will sail from Liguria to go and explore the northwest coast of the island.

Boarding on Sunday evening in the port of Finale Ligure (free parking inside the port).
Departure for night sailing to Corsica.

Monday morning arrival at the desert des Agriates, one of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Swimming and relaxing.
After lunch we moved to another nearby bay before sailing to S.Florent where we spend the night (probably at anchor).

Holiday sailing in Corsica

Tuesday we will sail towards Ile Rousse exploring the many coves and beaches of this area.

Wednesday we will sail toward Calvi. We drop anchor in two bays for lunch, swimming and snorkeling.

Thursday we will explore the great Scandola Park, a protected area on the northwest tip of Corsica. Here is prohibited to fish and then snorkeling is fantastic.
The cliffs offer a very special landscape.
For the night we're going to anchor in the Gulf of Girolata: an ancient natural harbor today equipped with buoys.

Friday we'll explore the east coast of Corsica rich of beaches and coves.
We will sleep in the Bay of Cargese a small Corsican town.

Slow return toward Park Scandola stopping for lunch, swimming and snorkeling in different bays.
Departure in the evening to cross the sea to Liguria.

Sunday arrival in the morning on the Ligurian coast.
Disembarkation at the port of Finale Ligure at 12:00


Holiday sailing in Corsica - Two weeks


Holiday sailing in Corsica


In the evening in Finale Ligure (SV)
(for example, Sunday evening.)


At 12:00 in Finale Ligure (SV)
(for example, Sunday.)


This itinerary takes you to circumnavigate all over Corsica coming to the Strait of Bonifacio and the Maddalena archipelago.
is a very exciting travel that allows you to explore the coast of Corsica, with its dream beaches and its pristine coves and the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena.

After boarding in Finale Ligure (free parking), departure for the night crossing to Corsica.
The first few days we will follow the stages of the itinerary of one week as S.Florent, Ile Rousse, Calvi, the Girolata and Cargese stopping bays and coves that extend into this fantastic coastline.

Holiday sailing in Corsica

Instead of returning to the north, we will continue south to the Gulf of Propriano and then arrive in the Strait of Bonifacio and the Maddalena archipelago. We'll spend a few days exploring the islands of this famous archipelago: Cavallo, Lavezzi, Isola Piana and natural pools of Budelli.

In the second part of holiday, we'll sail the east coast of Corsica also touching Elba Island and Capraia Island.

We will return to Finale Ligure with a night crossing from Corsica or Capraia.
Disembarkation Sunday at 12:00 at the port of Finale Ligure.


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