A holiday on a sailboat is a beautiful and unforgettable journey to the discovery of the sea, sky and nature, but also a real life experience, cooperation and friendship.

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So it is for everyone, but it is necessary get in the right spirit and have a minimum capacity of adaptation.

Boats like Aledo, even if it has all the comfort and perfectly equipped for navigation, are not floating hotels, such as cruise ships or by motorboat charter, but the boats with their own spirit, and if we want with a soul, which faced exciting sailing and adventure travel, and therefore need the cooperation of everyone to navigate in harmony.

charter boat italy



Our way of life at sea, as an alternative to charter and hire classic, aims to bring people closer to sailing and the sea.
Maybe for a week or just for a day, you will appreciate a simple life and carefree, in contrast to the frenzy and stress that can be felt in the city, with the hope that cultivate this passion.

charter boat italy




In this way you will soon discover that giving up some small comfort in exchange for only the sound of wind in the sails, the colors of the sunset on the sea and the beauty of the pristine bays, will be very rewarding and fun.




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