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Escursioni in barca a vela Escursioni in barca a vela Escursioni in barca a vela Escursioni in barca a vela Escursioni in barca a vela Escursioni in barca a vela

Advice from the captain

A boat trip, a weekend sailing with friends, a holiday in the wind and hidden bays: beautiful and unforgettable moments but ... What to bring? What to wear? What will return really useful? What to eat before a sail?

We will try to explain everything you need to know to really experience pleasant moments in the boat without problems and "paranoia by bag" last moment.

Escursioni giornaliere in barca a vela


What to wear?

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Day hikes in summer nothing unless they are: bathing suit, beach towel, sunglasses, sunscreen and hat. A jacket can always be helpful.
In the summer you tend to be barefoot on board. If you prefer, however, you can wear boat shoes or sneakers with rubber soles clean and clear.
Categorically prohibited heeled shoes and shoes with dark soles or not clean.

In midseason recommend comfortable clothing and layered that fits every time and situation. Essential windproof jacket and shoes.


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What to eat?

First, it is best to avoid a heavy breakfast too. We recommend that you eat light foods and dry as rusks and biscuits and especially NOT drink milk or coffee that may be hard to digest at sea.



In the case of seasickness?

You'll get used to the boat after a short time. In any case, for those who does not know his reaction to the sea, we recommend you bring along Xamamina or patches against seasickness.
If you really do not have confidence in yourself it is better to apply patches or taking the pills a few hours before sailing, giving it time to take effect.


What to bring?

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In a cruise on a sailboat you will not need much. It always ends up bringing the double of what would later use.
Obligatory soft bags. Banish suitcases that take up space even when empty and can not be stowed. Remember that space available is limited.
As for the excursions you should be comfortable clothing and layered and have something to out in the evening.

The hair dryer can be used when the boat is in port connected to the current to ground. In the bay ther's an inverter that converts the energy of batteries in 220V. We have 500W. On board we have a small hair dryer capable of operating, is at your disposal.

Linen is included in the price: pillowcases, mattress covers, sheets and blankets.
We don't have towels.

consigli abbigliamento barca vela Do not forget your camera to capture the best moments.
You can download the photos on our computer, bring a USB stick.


Hoping to have been helpful, we wish you a good wind.
For more information or questions please feel free to contact us.


Alessandro - Skipper of "Aledo"