Provided below of the simple rules that will make your stay on board nice and organized:


The Captain is responsible for the boat and safety of all persons on board. He has the right at any time, if deemed necessary, to change the planned route and / or to stop the boat depending on the weather. The Cook / Hostess is responsible for the kitchen, preparing meals and cleaning of the dinette and bathrooms. Guests are responsible of their cabins.


Aledo is equipped with the most modern safety systems in accordance with maritime law. Are on board: life jackets for each person, a life raft, EPIRB, GPS, Navtex to receive weather in the open sea, etc ... We will explain the simple rules to follow for a safe navigation.

How to use toilet:

The toilet of a boat is very delicate. Therefore you are prompted to throw in the toilet only a minimum quantity of toilet paper, completely avoiding other materials. We recommend that you avoid any wastage of water as the water aboard a boat is precious.


The timing of meals is decided by Irene based on the needs of navigation.


Alessandro and Irene are available from 8:00 to 22:00. When their cabin is the dinette, please leave it by 22:00 hours to prepare the berth and let rest. In the cockpit you have all the space needed to continue the evening at any time.


On a sailboat is forbidden to use the shoes, excluding boat shoes or clean shoes with rubber soles clear.

The dinghy:

For safety reasons, the use of dinghy is reserved for the crew.


For safety reasons and good relations smoking is prohibited inside the boat. Smoking is permitted outside downwind and exclusively in the cockpit when the boat is not sailing., using the ashtray to require the crew. Please do not throw cigarette butts in the water, you have no idea how much damage the sea.


Thanking you hope that your travel with us will be pleasant and enjoyable

The staff of VELAMANIA



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